Today is Tuesday, the 15th of March 2018. It was a normal school day for most of the kids at intermediate school. But not for all, because today was the first German lesson for the 4th and 5th grader. And even with real Germans as their teachers.

Today was our first day at Alexandria Monroe High School. I was so exited to meet Chasity's (my host sister) friends!

Well, my first weekend was not the same as the weekend of the others.

After school was finished, my host mother took me and my host brother Chase back home. 

On Wednesday afternoon (March 14), I was in Richland Fire Department because my exchange brother is an Emergency Medical Technical cadet for the fire department

You all may think being in America, visiting the school, and having a good time is easy, well, except the work that was assigned to us and the “language problems”

Today, March 14 (Happy Birthday to Felix again!), we went to Indianapolis, planned were a State House Tour and the Beef and Boards Dinner Theater. 

Today after our homeroom lesson we went to the intermediate school for the second time of teaching the children. 

My clock woke me up at 5 am in the morning.

Trust me: Time change and jetlag are horrible in a mix. 

 Until the morning of this Friday, March 9th, this whole journey was a big dream.