On my first day of break my whole family went to Indianapolis. There my host parents participated at the beer run where they basically ran or walked and along their way they had several stops to have a small beer. 

Saturday, March 24: Yesterday, my host family, Jolanda and I arrived in Kentucky. We checked-in at the hotel “Wildwood Inn”.

From Monday, March 26 until Wednesday, March 28, we visited the waterpark big splash in French Lick.

It was already 7:30, on March 26th, when I realized that the Lock-In in church would be today. Actually, I did not know what “Lock-In” meant beside the fact that we would sleep in the church. 

On the first day of spring break my host sister had volleyball practice and I went with her.

If someone said my name for a whole game it would make me very angry. Although I was one of those shouting with others, I enjoyed it. But this hockey goalie demonstrated mental strength by ignoring it all. 

It’s a trap ! Enemy fire, raining down on my team and me, from all directions. In this moment, I knew how general Akbar must have felt during Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. 

We went to Oklahoma on March 18th to visit the family of my host family. On the way back on March 21, we stopped in St. Louis, Missouri for one night.

As we came home vey late the previous day because we have been in Chicago before we slept until 9:30 am. 

Our day started at 6:00 am. We packed our luggage and ate breakfast. At 8:00 am the bus left and we drove for 45 minutes. 

The morning had been pretty stressful because we were running late so we had to hurry up.