The most emotional night

We practiced hard for a very long time, because we started nearly half a year ago. It took us a fair amount of time to even figure out what we want to do. But we’re here today, after a long and hard time, we’re finally ready to perform our farewell programm.

But before we would perform our programm, we watched a slideshow of all the pictures we took during the last 4 weeks,which felt good. I witnessed all the great things we did once again. Just an amazing feeling. But afterwards, things were about to get real.

The programm was a blast ! We had great acts, like dancing, singing, plays and piano plays. After we ended our programm with „together“ from „high school musical“, everyone was on his/her feet. A lot of tears flowed that evening. It was a heck of a night. So many emotions, it was just great.

Felix Zimmermann