Our farewell party

First, we all ate dinner, then we watched a slideshow of the best moments of the last five weeks. For me, this was very emotional. Seeing all the pictures brought back all the memories of all the experiences I have made. I was on the verge of tears, but I was way to distracted by my excitement for the thing that would follow: the farewell “show”, prepared by the Germans. Everyone was thrilled for the performance. Behind the curtains, the Germans were all nervous and scared that they might mess their part up. After Frau Rohde´s motivating speech, the show started with a beautiful song played on the piano by Jasmin, followed by several dances, a sketch, more music and all of us singing a High School Musical song together.  It was amazing, from the beginning to the end. I think everyone had fun, the performers and the audience.

The farewell party was a nice finale for our German-American partnership. 

Lina Holinski