“Can I have your ticket? I want some free nuggets!”

It was a very cold day so the stadium which is called “Victory Field” was nearly empty this day (in our section were only like 13 people). During the game there were everywhere the cotton candy sellers. So Lliam and I made fun of them, every time when they yelled “COTTON CANDY” Lliam and I were yelling it too. So in the end everybody on our bleachers were laughing about us. In the end of the game only me and my host-family were sitting on the bleachers, so we were able to get two fall balls(normally you don’t get even one).

Like in every other sport the athletes needs to warm up, the pitcher did this right in front of us. Lliam and I went down to the courtliness. After they warmed up, the pitcher came to me and Lliam and said “Can I have your ticket? I want some free nuggets!” First I was really confused and didn’t understand what he was talking about, but then I recognized that on one poster was standing “If Indians got 6 runs, you are getting free nuggets at MCDonald’s”. So that was funny, in the end I got a free practice ball from the pitcher and I was very happy about it.

Lukas Taterra