Last weekend with host family (07.04. - 08.04.2018)

On Saturday my host father wasn’t at home, but my host mother Judy was. Antonia and I invited Paula and Judy drove us to the Muncie Mall and dropped us off. While we went shopping, Judy bought some things she needs, but she wasn’t in the Muncie Mall. There is a great book store in the Muncie Mall and Paula, Antonia and I spent a lot of time there. We saw a whole section with books on sale and there are many interesting books, but the problem was, that we couldn’t buy that much, because then our suitcase would be too heavy, but nevertheless I bought some booksJ. After a while, Judy took us up again and back home Judy showed us some costumes from her and her children and we were allowed to try them on. It was so much fun and often we looked very funny. Afterwards Judy took us three to Ivanhoe’s. There were so many people and I can understand that: It’s very delicious! You can choose between over 100 sundaes and shakes and it’s difficult to choose something. At the end I had a very delicious shake… YUMMI!!! Afterwards Judy took a picture of Paula, Antonia and me together with Garfield and drooped Paula off at her house. That was a wonderful day.

On Sunday Dan and Judy, Antonia and I drove to some stores, because we needed some things from different stores. For lunch we ate at “Panera bread” and I really like the food there. I had a tomato soup and it was very delicious. Back home Antonia and I made cards for Mrs. Mock, Mr. Goetz and Dan & Judy. It took so much time and we were in a hurry at the end, but we managed it. At 6:00 pm Dan, Judy, Antonia and I were in school with other host families and students, for the farewell party. The food was really good, the slide show was wonderful and our program was amazing. The audience liked it. After our program Antonia and I gave the card and two flowers to our host parents and they were so happy. At home we talked a lot about the farewell party and other things and our host parents are very amazed about the sketch from Julia, Vanessa, Paula, Antonia and me and about my piano play. This weekend was wonderful, amazing, great,just awesome and I will never forget it!


Francesca E. C. Jacker