Empty stadium and shopping in Indy

After the drive with the school bus, we arrived. We had a tour with a tour guide, who showed us around about one and a half hours. We visited all the different levels of the stadium and the part I liked the most was when we could go on the field and look up at all the empty seats. It was weird to see such a big stadium completely empty and being quiet. But we also got to see the locker room of the players and the press room, where the players give interviews after games. Our tour guide also told us a lot of interesting facts, for instance that the Stadium was opened in 2008 and that there are about 70.000 seats. But visiting the stadium wasn't the only thing we've done that day, we also went to the Circle Centre Mall and spent almost 4 hours there. Sadly we couldn't do the river walk as it was planned, because the weather was too bad. We just walked about 5 minutes to the Circle Monument, which was made for the soldiers and sailors. Our bus driver picked us up there. We got home earlier because we didn't do the river walk but the day was still a lot of fun.

Neele Weers