April fool and Easter fail

After our family was done eating, we walked down to the main theater. A band was playing and then the pastor talked about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. I am not actually a fan of going to church in Germany, but this church’s pastor is funny, and he explains the connection between things in the Bible and everyone’s life. It is very inspiring. In my case, I nearly started crying during the sermon, and that really means something!

When church was over, we went home and got our Easter gifts! The gifts were mainly candy and some money, but as it was also April the first (and that means April fools!), my host sister Tory opened an Easter egg and instead of the normal dollar inside, there was only empty paper ;-). Of course, I brought some German candy and especially the Milka Easter Egg, which was a favorite of everyone. Back in Germany, my mom wanted me to have special Easter gift, and therefore bought egg colors, but my host family had colors themselves. I was the only one using complicated colors because I didn’t want to tell my mom that I didn’t use them at all.... You know this situation right? Well, in the end, I also tried their colors and I thought my creation looked very good!

At 2 pm, my host father’s entire family met at his mother’s house and the first thing we did was eat. I wanted to wash my hands before eating, so I asked where the restroom was. Abby (my host sister) told me, but when I tried to use the handle of the sink, it made a horrible sound and a screw fell out! I felt very worried and I didn’t know what to do! I went to my host sister and told her about it, and she said “It is okay”… but for the remainder of the day I waited for someone to come and yell at me for destroying the handle.
After eating a meal together, all the children (including me) recieved more Easter gifts: chocolate candy, Jelly Belly‘s (spring mix), a stuffed animal, and a soap bubble wand. My host mother, brother, a cousin and I took a walk complete with several soap bubble fights/attacks(!!!).The bubble fights were a lot of fun ;-), however, it was snowing and the temperature started to feel very cold. Of course I wore the wrong clothes for this temperature, but my host mother was very nice and lent me one of her jackets. The walk took around one and a half hours. Shortly after returning from the walk, we packed up to drive home.

Paula Hangleiter