Visited by the fire department

It was the first time that I had musical entertainment from a DJ during lunch but I have to say it was very funny. They didn’t just play music, they also did sing/dance battles and air guitar contests where you could win candy. I think we should have that in our school in Germany too, because it’s funny and makes boring lunch breaks way more interesting.

The next funny thing happened in 7th period when Mr.B gave us (German GAPP students) chips because we told him that we were hungry (Thank you Mr.B).

But all those things were nothing compared to what happened at home after school.

Laura and I made grilled cheese for us and after that Hannah tried to make fried turkey and the smoke from the pan had the smoke detector go off but we managed it to turn it off with opening the windows and fanning the smoke.

Besides, Hannah got a call from the fire department and she answered it and told them the passcode and that everything was fine. That’s why we were sure that they wouldn’t show up at our house.

However, 5 minutes later someone knocked on the door and when Hannah opened there was a firefighter and she told him that everything was okay and he left.

Only a few minutes later there was another knock at the door and there were two more there with a fire engine, they brought in a fan to clear all the smoke out and then they left but this time for good.

It was a very exciting, at some point also a little bit scary afternoon but in the end everything was good.

And yes the fire department visited us because we tried to cook but at least the fried turkey turned out to be very delicious.


Annalena Zimmermann