St. Patrik‘s Day (March 17, 2018)

But my host mom didn’t drink any beer and my host dad only had one because in his opinion it tasted really bad. While they went to the beer run my host sister Josi, her brother Jack, his friend Kathy and I went for a walk along the channel. Due to St. Patrick‘s Day the channel’s water was colored green and we met a lot of people wearing green accessories or costumes. We stopped for a snack at a mall and had some pizza. When it became to cold outside we decided to go to the Indiana State museum. There we saw a lot of interesting exhibitions about for example Indiana‘s history, inventions or venoms and poisons. It was actually a lot of fun because you didn’t only got to look at exhibited things but also had the chance to interact with them. For example there was a mini game on a tablet in the exhibition for venoms and poisons where you got different hints and you had to find out what venom or poison  had poisoned someone. For lunch we met my host parents again and we ate at Steak’n Shake together with some other friends. Back home Josi invited friends and family members over to watch „the Lil and Jo Show“. This is a show my host sister Josi created together with her friend Lilly.  We all sat down on chairs in the musik room of our house, which has been decorated with ballons and a chain of lights. Josi and Lilly sung and performed different songs together and Josi played the ukulele or guitar to it. This was a lot of fun and a great ending for our day.

Ennie Tensil



 Walk through Indianapolis                                                                                            The Lil and Jo Show