Trip to the Newport Aquarium

This one has a hot tub and a swimming pool as well as gaming room. The rooms were also really beautiful furnished (they also had a microwave), just the ventilator didn’t work. Just cool air came out of it even when we tried to increase the temperature, so it was pretty cold in this room without a hoodie and a blanket.

That day, I am supposed to write about, on Saturday, we went to the Newport Aquarium. I liked it there a lot, the fish had a lot of space in their aquariums. I liked how the aquarium was structured, you often could go through a tunnel where the turtles, little sharks or fishes swam next to or above you. My favorite picture I made that day was a little turtle which whole body was almost under water. I tried to center the middle of the picture at the length at the water line. Now it looks like the picture was reflected, without even using a filter!

After the aquarium visit our host family brought us to the Newport Hofbräuhaus – a german restaurant. They wanted to try, and Jolanda and I were also excited about that, if it really tastes typical german. We were not allowed to drink the beer there though… All in all, it was more a Bavarian restaurant, even the flags were all Bavarian flags, and the waiters wore Lederhosen or Dirndls. The food was pretty good and it was a generous serving. I got three huge potato pancakes. That’s the English word for “Kartoffelpuffer” and I really think that this is a hilarious name. The music could have been better there.

The next step was to go shopping for one and a half hours. I bought nothing but the mall was great and friendly. Back at the hotel we jumped in the pool as fast as possible. We ate pizza for dinner in a restaurant where you could decide the toppings. I like onion and pineapple but me being me, I was too stupid to realize that onion and pineapple doesn’t fit that good…

Almost at midnight we went to bed to sleep and because I only had 5 hours of sleep that day before, I slept that day like a baby. Yeah, that’s an information you all should know :)
So that’s the end of the day.

Malinda Rosenwald