Sleepover in Church

I was afraid that we would arrive extremely late because it takes around 20 minutes to go to the usual church we visit, and since everyone still had to pack, and the Lock-In would start at 8 pm, I did not think we had the best chance to arrive on time. Well, we left at about 7.52 pm… to my surprise, I found we were visiting a different church. We even arrived before 8 pm and were some of the first people there. By the way “We” in this case means: my host sister Abby, her younger sister Katy, and I. The other attendees were children and teenager from two different youth groups (from two churches), and in the beginning, a cute dog as well.

The church was amazing; they have a big gym, a lot of space, couches everywhere, many games, and more (a lot more)! Even an Xbox!

First, we waited for the other people to arrive and played ballgames in the gym. Later, we played a game to get to know the other people and continued with even more games. We could use nearly the whole building, which was exciting! We were not allowed to switch on the lights and there were a lot of dark and spooky rooms when we played “hide the flag”, several hide and seek games, different versions of dodgeball and more. In between we had a break to do what ever we want and the options were interesting: from table football, to billiard, to some kind of ludo (=“Mensch Aergere Dich Nicht). 

The whole night was exciting, funny and sometimes scary, and… there was another thing…  We played dodgeball, and just so you know, dodgeball is not my sport! In the middle of the game, a ball hit me very hard.  I had to take a break for a few seconds and rest for a little bit. When I felt ok, I rejoined the game…but I wanted REVENGE! To my astonishment, I was able to actually hit the person who had hit me earlier!!! And that hit could have been one of the only times that I hit anyone at all! YES! Combined, all the games made the time go quickly and it was already 4 am when I finally went to bed, and we had to leave the church at 8 am… I was probably a LITTLE bit tired.

Paula Hangleiter