“HOUSER – SUCKS” (3/23/18)

We left the high school at 4.30 pm. Unfortunately, it was a school bus again, but since there were not as many people as on Tuesday, you could use a whole row for yourself. When we arrived at 5.45 pm we took some pictures in front of the stadium. Afterwards, we could buy Fuel merchandise. At 6 pm they opened the gates. First, we bought food (chicken tenders with french fries) and something to drink (I accidently bought a free-refill cup for $10). I have to say that food is very expensive at sport games in America. I paid $18 for food and drinks in total. At least the chicken tenders were very delicious and the free-refill cup ended up being a good buy.

Back to the game. The Indy Fuel team played against the Fort Wayne Komets. Indy started out good and so the scoreboard showed 2 for home and 0 for the guests after the first period. In the middle of it two Fuel fans started chants like – “Houser – sucks”. They didn’t get tired of saying it and more people joined in. Especially our GAPP-group.

The second period started with another goal for Indy and it was at a stand-still. There were just some fights between players. Four of them had to leave the ice rink for a two minute penalty.

At the beginning of the last period the game became more intense and funny. An obese man started dancing in front of the audience. He also tried to get us to do the wave for the Fuel, but it didn’t work very well. After a controversial goal from Indy had been taken away, the Komets tried to turn the game around. They shot two goals in 7 minutes. Five intense minutes later the game was won in favor of Indy.

All in all, it was a nice and entertaining event. The fans were not as loud as German ones, but they were more amusing.

Benedict Hein