Welcome and Happy Birthday! (27 March)

Patrick and Steffi, the son and daughter-in-law of our host-parents, arrived on Monday, but we didn’t see them because it was way too late when they arried. So this was the first time for us to meet them. And they were really friendly right away.

For breakfast we went out to a restaurant called “Emma’s Pancake house.” I think it was the faourit of Steffi. However, I first couldn’t decide which meal I should take. There were so many things that sounded delicious but at the end I decided to choose the fruit topped waffle with blueberries. It was pretty good but in my opinion the sauce was a bit too sweet. As Steffi is from Germany and also used to be a student of the F.F.Runge Gymnasium we started to talk about teachers. (no bad stuff obiously! ;-) ) It was pretty funny.

The rest of the noon and afternoon we spend driving around and shopping. It was actually very funny although I’m usually not a shopping person.

 In the evening Francesca and I were invited to the birthday party of the host-student of Francesca. It was a bit strange to go there because I was a stranger for everyone. (except for Martin but he doesn’t count) So I was the person who was more quiet when we talked in the room of Francesca’s host-student. But I have to say that this also depended on the topics we had. I was just not able to say so much about breaks and cracks and dogs that were playing with dead bodies of mice.

Then luckily we had dinner. They bought pizza. Again. I’ve never eaten so much pizza within two weeks. But I would lie if I say that it wasn’t delicious because it was.

After dinner we started the main action of the evening: a spectacular baking competition! It ended in a disaster … My group tried to make a flamingo cake but it the end it just looked like… Actually I don’t know what it looked like. Some said they would see an octopus but I couldn’t even recognize that…

At the end, so after we decided not to eat anything of the cakes because they had like a one inch thick layer of frosting plus crumbles on each of them, we played twister in the living room. In the first round I didn’t play because I turned the wheel. But in the second round it was my turn. I won!

At about 10:30 pm the mother of Francesca’s host-student took us back home where we had two self-made bread sticks from Judy, our host-mother. They were sooo good. If I hadn’t been so full I probably would have eaten another one. But I could protect myself from doing so.

At night nothing special happened anymore. We just packed our things for Chicago on Thursday, talked a bit and then went to bed. I think I just needed 10 to 15 minutes to fall asleep because I was so exhausted… So I slept and dreamed of failed flamingo cakes and too sweat blueberry sauce. And that isn’t a good combination…

Antonia Koch