Standing next to Optimus Prime, only possible at the Indiana Comic Con

When our host sister Hannah asked us if we wanted to visit the Comic Con I said yes because I like anime and I’ve always wanted to visit such an event.

We left the house at 11:30am after Hannah finished dressing  up as one of her favorite Video Game characters and went to Indianapolis. The moment we entered the convention hall I was very surprised that it wasn’t as crowded as I expected it to be and the first thing I saw was an awesome reproduction of Optimus Prime from Transformers, which is one of my favorite movies. That’s why I had to take a picture of it at first which you can see below the text, and I can tell you it was huge!

Besides, there were some cosplayers who fascinated me because their costumes were so good (amongst them my host sister). Laura and I walked around the hall, ate something and then I saw a stand with  Marvel comic books where each item was only 1$ because everything is half the price on the last day of Comic Con and I bought 4 comics. After that I bought some other souvenirs and Laura helped me choosing and deciding.

At 4pm we met with Hannah, her dad, her sister and her boyfriend at the entrance and went back home. I was so exhausted of walking around the whole day that I fell asleep in the car and I didn’t wake up until we arrived at home where we had Easter dinner which was very delicious and we got to meet Hannah’s grandma for the first time.

All in all, the day was amazing and I was glad to be able to finally rest.

Annalena Zimmermann