A day in Chicago (March 30, 2018)

At around 9am we entered our first stop, the Marquette building. In the building we visited an exhibition about skyscrapers. Our next stop was the Millenium park. In the park we went to the Cloud Gate also called The Bean because of its shape. In front of this sight we took some pictures with the group. After that we took our own pictures. While walking around the park the tour guide gave us a lot of information. With the bus we later drove to the Michigan Avenue where the Tribune Tower is locates. Special about it is that famous building fragments were collected to be used in the buildings wall. After looking at the building we went to a candy shop. We were really impressed by all the options. Back on the bus we drove through the city. The tour guide told us about the parks, universities, buildings and regions we passed. We exited the bus to see one of Obama’s houses. At 1:00pm the Chicago city tour was over. At 1:15pm we had lunch at the Navy Pier. After that we walked down the pier to take some pictures and enjoy the amazing view. At 3:30pm the bus departed to drive us to the Willis Tower. Unfortunately the line for getting to the skydeck was really long. Some people didn‘t want to wait for so long so the group split. One half waited and the other half went shopping. As someone who waited I can say that it was worth it. The view was amazing and we could even take pictures in the all-glass boxes. They allowed us to look through the glass floor to the street 412m below. After that the group also went to the mall. Later everybody met in the bus. We departed for the hotel.

Julia Kaffka