Cornfields, cornfields and cornfields

It was the day we wanted to go to the 3-corners and Fort Wayne. So I rushed into the bathroom and tried to wash my hair, because it looked like a bird’s nest. So after my quick hair wash, I ate my breakfast really fast and then went to the car.  I had a 3 hour drive in front of me. And it was boring. I listened to music and Poetry slam podcasts. Our first stop was at a quarry which is now a beautiful Asian garden, it was adorable and I was a little bit sad because it rained very hard and we weren’t able to stay there longer. So we went back to the car and Lliam and I had a friendly competition about the front seat, I won. Afterwards we drove by corn fields and corn fields and corn fields, it was soooooo boring and I expected we were going the wrong way, because there was literally nothing; did I mention the corn fields? So I tried to snooze, and one moment my hostmum exclaimed “We are there!” and I asked ”Mhm? We are on a corn field?! What we are doing now?!” She told me that we are at the 3-corners border of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana. But first we needed to search it because I already told it was rainy on this day and it was on a gravel street. After some minutes we finally found it, it was a small marker with a big M on it. But it was cool to be in 3 different states at the same time. So we walked back to the car and Lliam and I had another fight about the front seat, I won again.  We were now on our way to Fort Wayne, an urban city in Indiana; there we went to the firefighter museum of station 3. As we were in there, only the boss of the museum was there, so he guided us around. For me the most interesting were the old fire trucks and the German (Chemnitz) and American(Fort Wayne) firefighter connection. In the end of the day Lliam and I were allowed to sit into one of the old fire trucks, this old fire truck is normally used for deceased fire fighters which are on the way to their cemetery.  And finally as we came out of the museum the rain stopped. So it was one of the best days in the USA till now.

Lukas Taterra