A trip to Tennessee with surprises (17-3-18 to 19-3-18)

After some time we stopped to eat breakfast. I was confused because the pancakes I ate weren’t sweet and the Americans eat them with butter which is very salty and a syrup which isn’t that sweet. When we arrived we went to Walmart to buy food and other things we needed for the next days. There we also met Cierra (Kody’s sister) and she’s so friendly. She also stayed with us at the hotel in the Great Smoky Mountains. In the evening Chasity, Cierra and I went swimming and into the sauna.

At the second day we went to Dollywood which is a famous amusement park. There I rode a roller coaster for the first time. I was so nervous because I thought I would feel sick after the ride but it was so funny! After lots of rides we ate lunch and I can say that German and American amusement parks are so expensive. Then we went to a water roller coaster which was the worst idea of the day. Before we rode it we put our stuff into a locker because it shouldn’t get wet. It was a great idea because we didn’t know that we would be completely wet after the ride. It was so funny but after it we were so cold. That wouldn’t be a problem if we just could get our stuff but we tried to unlock our locker but it didn’t work. Cierra went to a staff to ask if she could open our locker but we waited so long until the person came to us and opened it. You can’t imagine how happy we were to have our things back. After that experience we had a wonderful day in Dollywood but Kody got sick in the afternoon.

Our departure day was so amazing! When we went down the mountain on which our hotel was, we had to stop because bears crossed the street. I never saw a bear before so I was so exited. They were really cute but just if you sit in a car like we did. We went mini golfing and go-karting, which I never did before, and I really liked it. Then we drove back home.

These last days with my host family were so wonderful and the weather in Tennessee was great! Tennessee is definitely an amazing state and it’s nice to visit it.

Karla Jahn