Saturday under water (03/31)

It’s one of the world's largest indoor aquariums. They have circa 32,000 animals. There are different areas like the “Amazon Rising” or the “Wild Reef” for example.

When we arrived, my group and I went to the “Waters of the World” exhibition. There you can explore oceans, great rivers and the great lakes, tropical islands and wetlands and their inhabitants. We saw sharks, colorful sunfishes, American alligators and more. Afterwards we went to the “Caribbean Reef “, the “Polar play Zone”, the “Wild Reef” and some other areas. After two hours we have seen pretty much everything.

At 11:15am we met at the “Aquatic Show Seating” where we watched a show with dolphins, sea lions, penguins and beluga whales. The animals did some impressive tricks and they told us many interesting facts about them. The show was generally pretty good but I personally don’t really like this because I think these animals aren’t made for doing tricks to entertain humans.

Furthermore we went to 4-D cinema where we watched a movie about the sea and different animals. During the presentation water splashed in our faces, our chairs have been shaken, it was windy and soap bubbles came.

We left the aquarium and drove to the Adler Planetarium and took pictures at the Skyline. Afterwards we drove to Walgreens and bought some souvenirs.

So the trip begun to end and we finally drove back to Alexandria. I guess I speak for all of us when I’m saying that these three days were an amazing experience!

Antonia Reinholz