My experiences in Florida

We left our house in Alexandria, Indiana at four o’clock in the afternoon. I was kinda nervous because I never went this far, going by car. The positive thing is that you see a lot of the country. For instance Louisville while sunset, Memphis, Atlanta, the beautiful landscapes besides the interstate and finally the ocean in Florida.

Our Hotel was a really pretty place a hundred meters away from the beach with a backyard, where you can see dolphins, if you are really lucky. Sadly we only saw some from the beach.

Some other positive things were definitely the evenings. The sunsets were amazing, the food was good and being there with nice people is unforgettable.

Although this sounds, like everything was perfect, I have to mention some negative things about it as well.

American weather is different and so is the sun. It was way heavier and after one and a half day on the beach my whole back was burnt although I put a lot of sunscreen on.

But if you think, this is bad, prepare for the next thing. Imagine you are sitting at the pool, you are about to eat pizza for dinner, the sun is shining, everything seems perfect. The pizza arrives, you and your friends are about to get their pieces and suddenly your host-parents come over and say “we are leaving in ten minutes” and the only thing you can think of is the tasty pizza and the (at least I thought so) 17 hours trip back.

In the end I got to eat at least one slice and it was delicious and I was totally fine for the next 22 hours, which we needed to come back home.


Martin Friedrich