Vacation in pure wilderness

We arrived on Tuesday in the afternoon and explored the beautiful landscape. This evening we played taboo together, which has been a lot of fun. On Wednesday we decided to go hiking in a forrest, where we also climbed on a few rooks. After 2 hours of hiking in the forrest we started an adventurous walk near our house. We had to wear rubber boots because of the waterfalls and brooks. We got to see the stunning sunset of Arkansas during this walk. The day after we went canoeing, which was harder than we expected it to be. 5 hours of canoeing in a boat with 3 tired girls was hard but the nature and the buffalo river made this trip bearable. Moreover we talked and laughed a lot during this sport session. Our last day ended with the movie "Jumanji", which is the favorite movie of my little hostbrother. It was amusing. We had so much fun during this road trip and I will never forget this spring break in beautiful Arkansas. 

Nele Breucker