A Thursday in Chicago

We all had to get up early in the morning, because we left Alexandria at 7 am. That is why we all were very tired and only some people spoke at the beginning of our journey. After 3 hours of listening to music or talking to our seat-neighbors Miss Mock took the microphone and explained us our plan for today. We wanted to visit the “Museum of Science and Industry”. She gave us some useful tips about which exhibit are highly interesting and what other student really enjoyed the years before. Then we could explore the museum on our own. The museum was divided into different topics. We could learn more about tornados, tsunamis and thunder. About how they build and with great presentations. We could also get to know more about technology in agriculture, do a mirror race, learn more about our own body and genetics or the future energy in Chicago. We could experience how our body will develop in a few years through a certain lifestyle and how old our organs are. We also had the possibility to visit an exhibit about the world wars and a submarine or go to a space center. We all had loads of fun trying out some experiments or watching some impressive presentations, even if we didn’t have enough time to see everything. In the afternoon we had a trip through an old coal mine and got to know some interesting facts for example that we all would have been old enough to work with the machines in the mine, which was pretty dangerous. The tour leader also explained us the development of coal mines over the years and how the work changed. Afterwards we went to the “Giant Dome Theatre” and watched an Amazon adventure with beautiful pictures of nature. Then we had again some time to visit more of the museum before we went to our hotel. Miss Rohde divided us into 3 and 4 people groups to stay in a room and we all were happy about a nice bed and some good food. We laughed and talked a lot while eating pizza and our leisure time in our rooms or at the pool, which was a wonderful ending of an exciting day.

Alicia L.