My vacation in Tennessee (3/17 - 3/19)

So we started driving at 6 am. First, we drove to grandma’s house picking her up. Then we drove straight to our hotel which was in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Our apartment was nice and we had a breathtaking view. Later Kody’s sister Cierra who stayed with us arrived too. The rest of the day I did nothing except relaxing, sleeping and eating. The next day began for me at 7:30 am. For breakfast, I ate two pieces of pop-tart. Our daily plan was it to visit Dollywood. Dollywood is an amusement park owned by the famous country singer Dolly Parton. Everybody was excited to get there. It was even better than expected. There were so much rollercoasters we could ride. We started with a big wood rollercoaster which was my favorite. Then we rode every other rollercoaster. For lunch everybody ate a cheeseburger but unfortunately it was very expensive there. After lunch we rode again with every rollercoaster. Our Dollywood visit ended at 3:00 pm. Kody’s sister who stayed with us while we were in Dollywood drove us home. Later I went swimming. For dinner, we ate cheese and ham sandwiches. Cierra left us that evening because she had to work the next day. Sunday the 19 was the day of our departure. So we started driving back home at 9:00 am. We drove on a small path anywhere in the mountains and then we saw it. Four wild bears walked over the street. After that surprising meeting with the bears, everybody was excited. For calming we went to a pizza restaurant and ate there our lunch. After lunch we went to “The Dukes of Hazzard” theme shop. There we played minigolf and drove a go-kart. We left the shop at 2:00 pm. Then we drove directly home. We arrived at 10:00 pm. As a conclusion, I can say these days were very cool, exciting and funny.


Paul Stöbe