Our journey to the new continent ended with another trip across the big ocean and a lot of tears. The four weeks were over faster than we all thought at the beginning of our voyage. We were all sad about leaving our new friends and families, because we had a really nice time in the US. No matter in whose eyes we looked, everybody cried except for Niklas.

At 8:00 am our schoolbus with our German group left the capital of Indiana - Indianapolis! It's Wednesday, 05 April and very stormy and rainy. Our first stop was the famous Lucas Oil Stadium where the Colts football team plays.

On Thursday, the 23rd of March we had a movie night at my host family’s house. We had to prepare the whole house for the party. Cierra and I cleaned up the house and we prepared the buffet.

My last day in America started off like all the other normal school days. I got dressed, went to the bathroom and then I packed the rest of my stuff. I put it in front of the door where my host dad later picked it up to put it in the trunk.

Slowly it is getting closer to our departure... Today we had our farewell-party. It started at 2pm, but the participants (all the German students) needed to be at school at 1:30pm.

On Saturday, the 1st of April, we went to Navy Pier in Chicago next to Lake Michigan. It was windy but fortunately I bought a jacket the day before in a huge mall in Chicago.

Today was our farewell party. Everyone did a great job and it was an amazing show. My job was to host the show and guide the audience through our program together with Cora.

On Saturday, I woke up early because Sherry had a Softball game and they had to get up early. I was really tired this day because we played “just dance” until 11 p.m. the last day.

Today was our second trip to Indianapolis and our first stop was the Lucas Oil stadium which is the home of the Indianapolis Colts.

After 3rd period on Friday my host sister Cierra an I went to vocational school. Vocational school is another school where you can learn about technical skills that are needed for a specific job. Cierra chose the class “Judicial Justice”, in this class you learn about the job of a police man.

The Pacers game was one of the events I have been looking forward to the most, as I am a big fan of the NBA and basketball in general. I have watched a couple of NBA games on television before, but obviously that experience is very different than being in the stadium.